Biases in legal argumentation and judicial decision making
The general objective of this workshop is to discuss how biases affect the tasks of legal interpretation, legal argumentation and judicial decision making.

We invite submissions that explore:
1. the concept of “bias”,
2. the relationship between biases, social stereotypes and legal norms,
3. the types of biases relevant in decision making and justification of legal decisions,
4. the “ideological biases” and their connection with the judge’s obligation to assume a gender perspective to apply the law,
5. the incidence of different types of biases in legal interpretation,
6. the impact of biases in evidentiary reasoning,
7. court rulings from different jurisdictions to show how biases interact with other reasons in legal reasoning,
8. the influence of cognitive and ideological biases in the very idea of judicial discretion.

About the workshop sessions:
- Open to all participants.
- Submit abstracts (under 500 words) and brief academic biography in English or Spanish no later than Friday 3th June 2022.
- Language: The sessions will be held in English and Spanish.
Contact: bonorino@uvigo.es