A New Challenge to Justice: Information Society, Application of Law and ADR
CONVENORS: Katarzyna Hanas, Paweł Kłos, Piotr Szczekocki
At the beginning of the third decade of the third millennium, society is faced with specific conditions that increasingly shape the so-called information society in the area of law. Ongoing processes in society determine the influence on the policy of the law, especially in the context of law application and ADR. The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that change happens very quickly and that adapting the application of the law and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to the information society is more significant than ever.

The legal procedures cannot be considered in isolation from their applicability in society and must be adapted to the changing reality. This aspect is a new challenge to the perception of the axiology of law, e.g. realization of e-justice in the conditions of digital society changes the distribution of axiology in the process of law application, especially in the context of its interpretation and legal decision making.

The development of the information society influences the contemporary perception of Justice. The workshop will focus, among other problems, on:
1. Different processes of law application in many branches of law e.g. the legal institutions become online and we use e-court, e-trial, e-judgment, e-enforcement, e-lawyer and many others, etc. So far, the contribution of new technologies and artificial intelligence in the justice system, especially in the context of e-court activity, shows that IT tools in the form of an ICT system supporting court proceedings, e-signature, e-judgment, support the work of the body applying the law without limiting its decision-making.
2. Drawing attention to ADR, in its various forms, which are becoming increasingly popular. ADR seems to have its place in every legal order and is being used in an increasing number of cases, e.g. the rise of Online Dispute Resolution is a great example of another dimension of perception of dispute resolution. ODR involves the use of digital tools in reaching an agreement.
The abstracts in English (about 300 words) should be submitted by 1st June 2022.

Katarzyna Hanas - katarzynahanas@onet.pl (application of law)
Paweł Kłos - klosumcs@gmail.com (ADR)