Aristotle on Truth, Dialogue, Justice and Decision
CONVENORS: Liesbeth Huppes-Cluysenaer, Nuno Coelho
The special workshop joins researchers interested in the contribution of Aristotle to developments in Philosophy of Law. The aim of the workshop is comparative and interdisciplinary. Different links to Aristotle are welcomed: from commentaries on his own texts to essays on contemporary issues explicitly illuminated by Aristotle and in express dialogue with his treatises on these.

The focus point of the workshop in Bucharest is how Aristotle can help us understand contemporary concepts (and challenges) of law, democracy and diversity. There is attention for his thoughts about the anthropos as the only animal which has logos (the political animal!); rhetoric, dialectic and scientific method (and their relation to the process of deliberation both in ethics and in politics); Ancient Greek Law and Aristotle's political philosophy; the agonistic feature of Classical Greek culture; peace and political regime(s); competition and cooperation in political community; the nature and ends of political communities; authority, different regimes and justice; common good and personal flourishment; moral and technical agency; equality and unity versus valuable diversity; the combination of ruling and being ruled; the place of women, slaves and children in the political order...