Hyekyong Kim
Hyekyong Kim
Dept. of Arts & Humanities, Liberal Arts College of Inje University, Republic of Korea
Director of Human-beings, Environment and their Future(HEF) Institute of Inje University
politeia21@gmail.com // humanfut@inje.ac.kr | +82 10 6495 8688

Summary of Qualifications Classical philosopher and professor, pleasantly working with ancient Greek texts esp. Plato’s dialogues, Homer’s two epics and Oresteia of Aeschylus, and President of the Korean Society for Western Classical Philosophy. Research director experiences of several perennial group research projects on ancient argumentation, medical Humanities, digital literacy and medical communication/ethics, all endowed with Korea National Research Foundation. Publisher of academic journal, 『인간·환경·미래』 (Human-beings, Environment, and their Future) since 2009. Currently preparing extensive Korean translation of Politeia (The Republic) with three colleagues, forthcoming 2022.

Bachelor & Master of Arts, Seoul National University
Visiting Scholar, Phil. Dept. of Brown University (1993~1994)
PhD, Seoul National University (1999)
Post Doc., Brown University (Research liaison J. Kim) (2003~2004)
Visiting Scholar, Harvard University (invited by G. Striker) (2004)

Seoul National University, Soongsil University, University of Seoul, et al.
Inje University, since 2008

Research Projects (Research Organizer & Head Director)
2009-11: Argumentation in Greek Antiquity
2012-15: Medical Practice and Humanities: Interdisciplinary Research on Suffering, Empathy, and Medical Therapies
2019~ : Fundamental Study on Medical Communication Development in Artificial Intelligence Era: Enhancement of Digital Literacy and Digital medical Ethics Construction

2018-2020: The Korean Society of Greco-Roman Studies, Executive Committee- Research Director
2020: the 6th WHF(World Humanities Forum) Organizing & Steering Committee Member
2020-present: The Korean Society of Ancient Greek Philosophy, President