Equality: contemporary legal and political perspectives
CONVENORS: Pedro Moniz Lopes, Wojciech Ciszewski
Equality is at the epicenter of contemporary legal and political debates, ranging from the conceptual ambivalence to the discussion over its normative structure and philosophical foundation. This Special Workshop aims at providing for a forum of critical and pioneering discussions over this topic, notably by maximizing the outcomes of the fruitful interplay between legal theory and political philosophy. Explicitly or implicitly, equality lies at the very core of legal theory and political philosophy; therefore, this Special Workshop welcomes perspectives from different fields and perspectives. Among others, focus will be set on the following topics:
(i) Conceptual clarification of equality: what distinguishes «equality» from «similarity» and «identity»? How can equality be a «descriptive» and «normative» concept? How does equality fit in a proper theory of categorization?
(ii) How does equality work in analogical reasoning?
(iii) What role does proportionality play in judgments of equality?
(iv) Equality and defeasibility: how is equality applied in modern legal systems? How ought it to be applied?
(v) Liberal equality and social equality: when and how is affirmative action admissible?
(vi) What is the relation between equality and discrimination?
(vii) Equality of what?: What is the currency of contemporary equality?
(viii) Equality among whom?: What is the proper scope of equality?
(ix) What is the basis of equality?: Where and when equality is desirable?
(x) What is the point of equality?: Who is winning the debate between distributive and relational egalitarians?
We ask those who want to present a paper in the SW, please send an abstract (maximum 250 words) until the 31st of May to one of the following e-mails:
plopes@fd.ulisboa.pt, wojciech.ciszewski@uj.edu.pl