Justice and Freedom in Private Law
CONVENORS: Francesca Benatti, Esteban Pereira-Fredes, Alberto Pino-Emhart
This workshop aims to discuss the main topics on the philosophy of private law, in connection with the general themes of the conference. The theme will allow participants to explore numerous questions related to private law in general, but also to particular areas of private law, such as property law, contract law, tort law and unjust enrichment.

Possible questions related to the workshop include but are not limited to:
- Are there any core features within the different parcels of private law (property law, contract law, torts, unjust enrichment)?
- Which are the normative foundations of private law, and/or its different areas?
- How does private law affect freedom?
- Which types of freedom are protected by private law? Is there enough room for both negative and positive liberty?
- What is the connection (if any) between justice and private law?
- What is the connection between private law and the values of public law?
- Are there any private law doctrines that incorporate moral values?
- Is there any role for moral values in private law decision-making?
- Which principles of justice should private law pursue?

Participants can send their abstracts (around 300 words) to the convenors by May 31st.