CEENJ (Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence) - OUR WORK IN PROGRESS
The CEENJ is an informal network of those involved in jurisprudence. It was created in the early 2000s and has held annual conferences at various Central and Eastern European universities. Participants bear their travel and accommodation costs, and there are no conference fees. The organizer provides the conference room and coffee breaks.

The annual CEENJ Conferences do not have a special topic, neither does this one. Each participant has 20 minutes to communicate the results of their current, ongoing research on any topic related (in the broadest sense) to the theory or philosophy of law, politics or society. Thereafter there are 10 minutes for discussion, questions, comments, suggestions, remarks.

Note: The CEENJ as well as the SW17 is open to all participants, and not just to those from Central and Eastern European countries. So, if you cannot find a suitable SW for your topic presentation, or you just like the CEENJ idea, join us. The abstracts (100 – 300 words; with a brief academic biography under 100 words) should be submitted to the SW17 pre-congress discussion as soon as possible, but not later than Saturday 25th June 2022.

Language: The CEENJ as well as the SW 17 working languages are English, or German for those who are not German native speakers. The abstracts also may be written in English or German under the same condition. The SW17 session thus will be held in English and German.

Contact: ivana.tucak@gmail.com, hasanbegovic.j@gmail.com